Why Use Silicone Conformal Coating?

Posted by Admin on February, 24, 2024

A Mg Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating is a protective film that is placed on a printed circuit board (PCB) to provide an isolating and protective layer against environmental impurities, heat, moisture, and other potential sources of damage or interference. Examples of protective films include acrylic, silicone, and UV-curable materials.

What Are The Advantages of Conformal Coating?

Using a conformal coating has several advantages. It prolongs a PCB's life and enhances circuit reliability. A lot of electronic assemblies are exposed to challenging exterior conditions, like fluctuating temperatures, dust in the air, and high levels of moisture or humidity. Certain industries also have to handle extra requirements, such as quick compression and decompression for maritime and aircraft applications.

A conformal coating can let you use greater voltages without adding more components to the board, which is a benefit as the manufacturing industry goes more and more toward designing smaller units with higher power and speed needs.

Why Are Conforming Coatings Essential?

Here are our Top Five Reasons for Using Conformal Coatings on PCBS for people who are unfamiliar with the field:

Ambient Environmental Protection: Conformal coatings provide excellent defence against a wide range of problematic problems that may hinder an electronic device, circuit board, or PCB's ability to function effectively in its intended environment, be it an industrial or residential one. Conformal coatings can shield against corrosion, abrasion, chemical damage, mechanical stress, vibration, and other issues like the entry of dirt, moisture, and dust. This lowers failure rates and increases the device's lifespan.

EMI/RFI Protection: Unintentionally affecting an electrical circuit can result in degradation or even malfunction due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Components and devices are becoming more and more compact while maintaining their power.

Interference is more likely as a result of this and a shift toward the electrical components being housed in plastic. The system can be protected and signals from outside sources attenuated with the use of a highly conductive covering. In industries including aircraft, medicine, and military applications, this is essential.

ESD Protection: When an electrical field (arc) arises between a charged conductive object and another conductive item, electrostatic dissipation protection, also known as discharge protection, takes place. Critical harm may result from this to more delicate components. A coating can be applied to stop static charge accumulation without adding components or using board space.

Heat Dissipation

To aid in heat dissipation, there is an increasing need for thermally conductive coatings. The capacity of thermally conductive coatings to dissipate heat can be advantageous for applications that need close attention to thermal management, such as solar energy, LED lighting, and power applications. These coatings also increase the predicted working life due to the protective benefits noted above.

Reduced Maintenance / Replacement Costs

Mg Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating provides real value for money when it comes to protecting small, lightweight assemblies in harsh environments. It does this by prolonging the life of the board and enhancing reliability, which leads to fewer failures, fewer repairs, lower replacement costs, and the maintenance of reputation and a devoted customer base.

There are plenty of more reasons to choose Mg Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating. Deal with the right providers to get these amazing benefits.

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