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Progressive Packline Engineers is providing services related to packaging module development & validation of packs.

Our expertise is to design & develop packaging modules for OEMs so as to superimpose on their existing design for ease of operation. This module is designed to suit on existing machines with minimum change required.

Packaging Module

Leak Tester Module : Leak tester module is used for checking pinholes in empty bottles/containers of different shape & sizes. It charges air in bottles & checks its differential pressure drop during its test time. This differential pressure drop  can be settable as per our requirement. Accepted read more...

Capping Module

Capping module is used to control capping torque so that perfect sealing can be achieved. Torque control is an important & major parameter of any bottle packaging line. We use special motor operated at low voltage (24VDC) to suit the low voltage direction of safety. This motor has torque and speed control to suit the read more...

Induction sealing module can be placed after capping machine to seal the bottles. This is a non-contact sealing machine used to seal plastic bottles.

This modules have two types ;

  • Air cooled induction module
  • Water cooled induction module

Above types can

Conduction Module

Conduction module is an optional sealing module instead of induction sealing module but used before capping because it’s a contact sealing. This module seals the foil directly on bottle neck. Perfect sealing in this module is achieved by pneumatically pressurized sealing head, temperature through heating head and dwell read more...

Rotary Module

Electro-pneumatic rotary module is used for rotary machine to communicate between rotary machine and stationery control panel. Once you have the control of rotary machine from stationery panel then you can control so many outputs on rotary machine.

This module is mandatory for any rotary machine. In this module we read more...

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